I do my utmost to enhance your sound and work with you to make the recording process a memorable experience that's crucial to the record making process. My recording credits include a range of styles and set-ups from pop, jazz, indie, to classical and more. I am also open to producing your music, depending on style. I prioritise creating an inclusive and flexible environment in my sessions.



I have been engineering since 2015, learning under Mikko Gordon, Sean Woodlock and Nick Powell at Goldsmiths Music Studios. I have since assisted recording sessions with Nigel Godrich and Joel Davies

My own creative work is experimental electronic music and I am a classically trained pianist, with experience with composing and arranging for a range of ensembles. 

I currently record at Goldsmiths Music Studios in South East London, and Hackney Road Studios, East London, but can engineer at your studio of choice and am willing to travel. 

View Goldsmiths Studio's equipment and specs here. The studio is wheelchair accessible.


M.I.A (assistant)

Dream Nails - Radio 1 Live Session (engineer)

D.A.N (engineer - vocals)


THUMB (co-engineer)

Glorybox (engineer - band)

Helen Noir (engineer - vocals)

Himali Singh Soin - We are opposite like that (engineer - string quartet, vocals)

Paris Raine - The Sound

Amy Fitz Doyley - Live session

Jenny Moore's Mystic Business 

Top Cat Collective (assistant)

Amy Fitz Doyley (engineer, vocals, vibes)

Femme (co-engineer)

Wenlock Edge (engineer - band)

The Hairdressers (engineer - trumpet, cello)

Illuminate (engineer - string quartet, soprano)

Sahra Gure (engineer - band)

Anneke Kampman (engineer - vocals)

Ciro Reynoso (engineer - vocals, guitar)

The Valves of Surplus Value (engineer - band)

Robyn and the Bar Stewards (engineer - band)

Sam Bland (engineer - piano)

One Thousand Things (assistant)

Terre Vive (assistant)

Ligeti Quartet (assistant)

Surup (co-engineer)

Forrest Flowers (co-engineer)

& more

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"Thank you massively for your incredible skills this weekend. You make it feel so easy and safe and joyful for us. You have such an amazing and inspiring energy. You are so skilled at what you do"

Jessie Maryon Davies - Glorybox