I am a creative facilitator, leading workshops in many aspects of sound, from studio engineering, mixing and live sound, to creative participatory music workshops using the voice in creative ways, percussion, live looping and other instruments. 
I am passionate about making music accessible to all and aim to achieve that with my workshops. 
I am a support Associate Musician for Drake Music, running workshops with young Disabled people, using music technology to improve access to music making. 
Groups I have facilitated for include university students, adults with learning disabilities, the elderly and young people. 
I co-run Omnii which is an organisation aiming to inspire more women and non-binary sound enthusiasts to operate in all aspects of music production. I am a project manager and workshop facilitator leading workshops for a range of partners.
Some of our collaborators include:
Roundhouse London 
Start Together Studio, Belfast
Red Bull (Normal Not Novelty)
Girls Rock London
Small Pond
Goldsmiths, University of London
Academy of Contemporary Music
Old Chapel Studios, Leeds
Boudica Festival
Rose Hill, Brighton
Get in touch to chat about us delivering a workshop for you: info@omniicollective.com